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Why Suffer with Insomnia Any longer?


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What could you do with a good night of sleep?

Sleep is Critical to Brain Health!

Whether you suffer from falling taking too long to fall asleep, waking in the night and staying awake (My Personal Sleep Disturbance), or waking up never truely getting to the deepest stage of sleep Stasis is the answer. 

Stasis is a sleep enhancer like no other. It helps ease you to bed, reach the deepest most restorative sleep stage where your body cleans harmful proteins called amyloids out of your brain and help you wake ready to tackle life's demands full energy and confidence. 

Why Stasis Works When Others Fail!

Other products mask the sleep disturbances real source of your sleep disturbance never really getting to what's actually the cause

The Right Ingredients


All Natural Ingredients

Stasis has Magnesium, L-Tryptophan, and Gamma amino Amino Butyric Acid to help fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling refreshed. These ingredients are sourced from here in the USA from sources following GMP standards and tested for purity and safety. 

The Right Amounts


Are You Getting Enough?

A lot of sleep supplements have the bare minimum amount of these ingredients and seek to use placebo effects to help the customer feel as though they are getting results. Stasis is formulated using scientific studies to provide enough of each ingredient to actually make an impact on even the most stubborn sleep disturbances. 

The Right Delivery


Are you Taking it Long Enough?

Correcting sleep disturbances in a meaningful way that actually lasts can take time. There are so many products that give immediate results but leave you unable to function the next day only to lose effectiveness over time. Stasis is different while most customer experience relief in the first week for more stubborn cases it can take up to 30 Days to correct sleep imbalances. 

Thousands have Benefitted!


Are You Ready to Get Some Sleep?

Stasis is already benefitting thousands of people all over the world from Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe! We are offering this limited time offer to help thousands more to see what Stasis can do for you as well. 


Performance Fuel and Nutrition is offering for a limited time your first 30 day trial of Stasis absolutely free. We know that as you experience the benefits of Stasis you will see your sleep cycle becoming more regular, waking more refreshed and recovered.

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Customers Reviews​

Hundreds of Customers have Given us 5 Stars Reviews

I have tried just about every off the shelf sleep product So figured what the heck, ordered Stasis .This product works nicely. with no hangover whatsoever. I take two capsules and sleep straight thru night Wake up rested with no fuzz. Have tinnitus, even that calmed down some!

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    Mark K

When I ordered my first bottle I was very skeptical but desperate. I have been struggling to get a good nights sleep for years. After taking 2 pills every night for 7 days I could not tell any difference. I was so disappointed but I continued on. After about 14 days I could tell it was beginning to work. I ordered another bottle at the end of 30 days and it is working great. I plan to order my third bottle soon. If you are having trouble sleeping please give Stasis a try. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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    Patricia K

My daughter Lisa has battled insomnia her whole life this helped her sleep. Thank you so much for what you have done for her it has changed hers and our life for the better!

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    Jared F

No Better Time than Now to Sleep Soundly

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