Smoke Preworkout

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SMOKE preworkout is the sport supplement for anyone who is looking to have more strength, energy, focus, and endurance through their work out. Whether you are looking to make some serious gains, break out of your gym plateau, or prepare for a competition, SMOKE preworkout is the supplement you need to give you the edge.

With so many preworkout options in an unregulated fitness supplement market, why should you choose SMOKE?

Science Based Doses:

A lifetime of anecdotal research may be good for some, but SMOKE couples that with science-based facts.  All of our ingredients have been researched to ensure their safety and efficacy in getting you results. We know you want results, not hype, so rather than cut costs by underdosing like some supplement brands, we offer the full, science-recommended dose of each ingredient.

No proprietary blends:

At Performance Fuel and Nutrition, we are upfront about everything we put in our products.  If it is in the bottle it is on the label, and Smoke is no exception. We have nothing to hide -- in fact, we want you to be educated and confident in the supplements you take.  That’s why we include the dose of each of our active ingredients right on the label.

 A Focus on Drinkability:


If you’ve tried other preworkouts then you know what we mean when we say, some preworkouts are hard to drink. Other preworkouts either taste terrible, or are so strongly flavored they are hard to get down.  SMOKE is different with a light, peach-lemonade flavor tastes great.

You Don’t have to Take Our Word for It:


We know that SMOKE preworkout will help get you the fitness results you crave, but you’ve probably heard that before.  So before you buy, check out our reviews below. If you still aren’t convinced, know that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our supplements.