The Igniter Program gives Fitness Professionals a way to recommend a quality product at a fair price and earn a residual income. Performance Fuel and Nutrition develops quality products from the best ingredients to help your clients get real results. 

We don’t believe in sneaky marketing, under dosing expensive ingredients by using proprietary blends, or fillers to increase the product size and look like we are giving clients more product. 


  • Act in a way that would not besmirch the company name. As an Igniter you are a representative of the company. Promoting discrimination on social media will disqualify you as an Igniter at any time and without further discussion, promoting Illegal behavior also falls into this category. 
  • Help get the word out about the company including creating videos of you doing reviews, talking about the benefits of the products, sharing the company posts and at the very least liking and commenting on company posts. 
  • Put your individualized code into your social media posts and make sure people use your code when they sign up. (code also gives them discount) If no one is using your code or comes as a referral that can be tracked back to you after several months your free product maybe be in jeopardy. 



  • Income You will begin your membership by receiving free product this will continue  for 2 month maximum until your referrals come in. Once $100.00 in product is sold you will begin making 30% until you reach $1000.00 at which point you bump to 40% commission. 
  • You will be sent out swag including free product and branded gear. 
  • You will also be part of our product test team and have exclusive access to product that are not yet being sold.