Stasis Sleep Enhancer Sleep Aid Pills Natural Over the counter
Stasis Sleep Enhancer Sleep Aid Pills Natural Over the counter

Stasis - Sleep Enhancer - 30 Days Supply

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New Sleep Supplement Has Combined 3 Powerful Ingredients into a Unique New Formula to Fall Asleep Easily and Wake Up Refreshed

...and won't leave you groggy the next day!

Stasis Sleep Enhancer Provides a Unique Combination of Ingredients to Give You the Rest You've Been Craving

 Here's How Stasis Works:

Step 1: Trytophan Increases Serotonin & Melatonin to Counter Sleep Disturbances

Tryptophan is an amino acid that interacts with those brain chemicals important to sleep and the timing of your biological clock’s sleep-wake cycle. 

Tryptophan increases serotonin, which also increases melatonin, both neuro-transmitters in your brain’s pineal gland. 
These neural “gateways” regulate sleep and mood chemicals that affect sleep and mood balance. 
When either serotonin or melatonin is disrupted you can suffer insomnia and depression symptoms.
Tryptophan supplements provide extra doses of sleep-inducing amino acids that reportedly help counter sleep disturbances.

Step 2: Magnesium Puts Stress in Check, Stabilizes Mood, and Overcomes Insomnia

It’s very common for people (especially women!) to have less-than-optimal magnesium levels.
Insomnia is a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. 
People with low magnesium often experience restless sleep and waking frequently during the night. 
Maintaining healthy magnesium levels often leads to deeper, more sound sleep
Magnesium also plays a role in supporting deep, restorative sleep by maintaining healthy levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. 
Research indicates supplemental magnesium can improve sleep quality, especially in people with poor sleep. 
Magnesium can also help insomnia that’s linked to the sleep disorder restless-leg syndrome.

Magnesium is one of the 24 essential vitamins and minerals, so low magnesium levels can wreak havoc on the body’s functions and raise risks for chronic health problems.
Healthy magnesium levels protect metabolic health, stabilize mood, keep stress in check, promote better sleep, and contribute to heart and bone health.

Step 3: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) to Increase Relaxation, Alleviate Pain, and Boost Your Sleep

GABA is an amino acid produced naturally in our brains. GABA helps to facilitate communication among our brain cells. 

Here's what GABA does:

  • Increases relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Facilitates a peaceful and calm core
  • Balances mood
  • Alleviates pain
  • Boosts your sleep

GABA plays a role in the healthy functioning of the body’s immune and endocrine systems, as well as in the regulation of appetite and metabolism. There’s also interesting emerging research about GABA’s role in gut health and gastrointestinal function, where it may work to support motility, control inflammation and support immune system function, and help to regulate hormone activity.

If Other Products Haven't Worked, Here's What to Expect with Stasis:

  •  FALL ASLEEP FASTER: Stasis is formulated to balance your body's natural sleep cycles to help you achieve deeper sleep, help you feel relaxed, and help relieve stress. The hardest thing about getting good sleep is actually getting to sleep!
  •  STAY ASLEEP: What good is deep sleep if you can’t stay there. Constantly being pulled out of deep sleep (if you can get there) by the someone driving by outside or the neighbor's dog barking can really interrupt the amount of deep sleep you get. Stasis helps you to stay in the deep sleep your body needs to recover, recharge and ready!
  •  WAKE UP WITH PURPOSE: The whole point of this is to feel better in the morning. What good is deep sleep if you feel groggy, tired and lethargic in the morning? Most of our customers report around 5 hours but feeling like they slept for 8 good hours of sleep. The reason you took this is to feel better, isn’t it?
  •  WHAT'S IN STASIS: Stasis is made from three ingredients Magnesium Citrate, L-Tryptophan, and Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. All sourced in the USA and checked for purity and safety. 

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

  •  QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST WITH A 45 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand behind all our products if you’re not happy with the results to let us know within 45 days to process your refund! Performance Fuel and Nutrition Products are made in the USA

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