Stasis Sleep Enhancer

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What is STASIS?

STASIS is an all-natural sleep supplement by Performance Fuel and Nutrition. STASIS blends Magnesium Citrate, Tryptophan, and GABA into a sleep-enhancing supplement to help you sleep better and get deeper, restorative sleep.

What is Good Sleep?

When you sleep your brain cycles through 5 sleep stages: 1,2,3,4, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. “Deep Sleep” makes up stages 3 and 4. It is during deep sleep that the body is restored. When you sleep deeply, blood is diverted to the muscles, and you physically recover. Equally important to your health is REM sleep. REM sleep is all about the brain. During REM sleep you dream and process your memories and emotions.

How Does STASIS Help Me Get Better Sleep?

Sleep is promoted by the neurotransmitter GABA, and your sleep cycle is regulated by melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced by your body and released once it gets dark. You need GABA to calm your mind and help you relax. You need Melatonin to get into deep and REM sleep. STASIS gives your body what it needs to produce Melatonin naturally.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has a huge influence on your body. Despite the importance of magnesium to your health, nearly half of adults in the US aren’t getting enough magnesium. One of the many things magnesium does is increase and maintain healthy levels of GABA. GABA calms your mind, helps you relax, and promotes sleep. Magnesium is also essential for your body to use tryptophan.


Tryptophan is an amino acid which is most famous for being the chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy. As long as your body has enough magnesium, tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin (a mood stabilizing hormone) and melatonin. When your body is producing and releasing melatonin, you can get into the deep, restorative sleep cycles and REM sleep.


As discussed, GABA is a neurotransimitter that helps calm the mind and relax the body. This helps you fall asleep naturally, and stay asleep long enough to get into the restorative sleep stages.

Get Better Sleep

It’s time to take your sleep seriously. You need better sleep for better health, and STASIS helps you get better sleep, naturally. Check out the reviews below, order your first bottle of STASIS, and start sleeping better.