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Customer reviews

I’ve been using a pre workout for years. When I was introduced to this new product, I was expecting the same results. Boy was I wrong. First, I was happy to see no proprietary ingredients. You can see exactly what your taking. Do the research for yourself. There are ingredients in this blend that simply make sense, and I have not seen these in any other pre workout product. Go try this for yourself. You will be overly impressed, just as I was.
- Layne Q, Provo, UT

I do want to say I am not a Pre-work out connoisseur but out of the different ones I have tried I really like Smoke. The biggest difference for me is the vessel dilators (I hope that is the correct term) in Smoke, my muscles just respond better during my work outs, it seem more prominent in Smoke than a few other pre-work outs that I have tried before. Oh, and it tastes good! Best tasting pre-work out I have had hands down!
- Brad A, Orlando, FL

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